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Psilocybin in the Treatment of Depression

Project Type

Self directed project ¦ MSc Assignment




To create a webpage and appending poster about Psilocybin in the treatment of depression to a target audience that includes, but is not limited to, medicinal chemistry, pharmacology students, mycology enthusiasts, psychologists, psychotherapist and doctors.

The aim of this project was to create a website summarising the current research on the psychoactive component of psilocybin mushrooms, Psilocin's efficacy in treating Major Depressive Disorder (MDD).

Just before beginning this project, a new psilocin containing mushroom had been discovered and named after renowned mycologist Paul Stamets. Psilocybe stametsii became the centre piece for the visuals of this project. I modelled the mushroom in Zbrush and rendered it using Keyshot to manipulate the materials and create a turntable animation. I rendered a number of stills of the underside of the mushroom and used this for background graphics throughout the webpage. The dark blue/navy seen throughout was inspired by the blue bruising that occurs when the flesh of a psilocybin mushroom is exposed to air. Overall these techniques resulted in a cohesive and clean look and served the initial intention of marketing this drug as a viable therapeutic worthy of the mainstream. In addition I created a downloadable poster on the biochemistry of psilocybin mushrooms, from ingestion to excretion. This was a very rewarding project as I was able to use a range of software and learn on the job about graphic and web design.
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