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Hand Dissection for insta.jpg

Deep Anatomy of the Hand

Project Type

Self directed project ¦ MSc Assignment


Adobe Illustrator

Adobe PhotoShop

Adobe Indesign


To produce a line drawing of the anatomy of the hand on Photoshop. and create an appropriate graphic and infographic related to the deep anatomy of the hand.

About the Project

This was an assignment completed in the first semester of the MSc Medical Art at University of Dundee.
The task was mainly producing a detailed anatomical drawing where different tissue types were distinguished from each other by different line work, rather than tone.
We were asked to create a labelled line drawing of a hand dissection. I chose to base my piece on a deep dissection of the hand as I wanted to focus on the bones, and the carpal bones in particular. I was interesting to me how the bones interacted with each other and how the tendons connected them.

Finally, I wanted to illustrate what happens if one of these bones shifts out of place through injury. I put together a info-sheet providing tips on how to identify a lunate (carpal bone) vs peri-lunate dislocation in a clinical setting. This was very interesting to research and I enjoyed the challenge of using different line techniques in place of tone.

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