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Breast cancer side view FINAL metastasis extra opacity_edited.png

Breast Cancer to Brain Metastasis: Conference Poster

Project Type

Self directed project ¦ MSc Assignment




Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop


To edit existing CT data in ZBrush and subsequently render still 2D images in Keyshot and using Photoshop to alter the opacity of the skin layer to expose the skeleton. This was then used as central image for a mock conference poster based on a research paper.

About the Project

This was an assignment completed in the second semester of the MSc Medical Art, University of Dundee.
Using InVesalius we imported existing CT data into ZBrush where we were able to edit the skin and skeleton in isolation.
The edited 3D objects were then rendered in Keyshot to adjust the materials and lighting. 2D stills were rendered front the front and side to be edited in Photoshop to create the final image.
Having a keen interest in women's health and how we as medical illustrators can assist in remediating the gender bias that exists in medical visualisations, I chose to create an image that illustrates the metastatic routes of breast cancer to the brain.
Further images of the cancerous cells within the blood and lymph vessels as well as a schematic of cancerous cells disorganised appearance and initial migration from the primary tumour site were created in Illustrator.
I then compiled the information from papers on this topic in the form of a poster that could be used at a conference. It is quite text heavy but the graphics are bright and designed to garner interest in potential readers.

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