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Life Art  in Quarantine

Project Type

Self directed project 


Fine Liner on Paper


To develop life drawing skills and exploration of stippling techniques to achieve sculptural effect. An opportunity to connect with others through art during a period of intense isolation.

About the Project

Lockdowns and quarantine periods were a time of isolation for most and to find connection we had to get creative. In Perth, Western Australia, I was fortunate not to have experienced some of the harsher restrictions seen in other cities across the country and world. There was a catch, however; You couldn't leave (if you planned on coming back). After an attempted trip to see my friends in Melbourne I found myself home-quarantining, sporadic coffee deliveries from friends and police checks making sure I was indeed playing by the rules.
I felt more isolated than ever and so I got creative.. with a need for connection and a project to occupy my infinite time, I asked my friends far and wide whether they would send me a nude photograph depicting a part or pose they particularly liked about themselves. Many kindly obliged and this was the result.
The illustrations themselves were only a fraction of what came out of this project; the responses to my rather left of centre message was what has truly stuck with me. Some didn't think twice, getting their kit off immediately and sending me a selection of snaps - no problem! Others hesitated, took some time to figure out what they like about themselves, what were they happy to expose, was this pose okay..? Three housemates in the depths of Melbourne's longest lockdown turned it into an afternoon activity and curated a home photoshoot. I was moved by every response, struck by the differing experiences of our bodies, how we perceive it, how others perceive it and the interplay between these perceptions. The beauty, grace, struggle; the intersectionality of it all.
Big thanks to those friends and family who took part in this project.

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