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Mogel k wire guide extra.png

Surgical Instrument - Mogel K-wire Infographic

Project Type

Self directed project ¦ MSc Assignment


Adobe Illustrator

Adobe PhotoShop

Adobe Indesign


To create a drawing of a metal surgical instrument in Illustrator and create an appropriate graphic and infographic explaining the way in which the Mogel K-wire Guide is used clinically.

About the Project

This was an assignment completed as part of the second semester of the MSc Medical Art, University of Dundee. The goal of this task was to draw a a surgical instrument on Adobe Illustrator.
My skills in this software were in their rudimentary stages before this project. Using different gradient techniques and scribble tools I was able to achieve a brushed metal effect.
The tool here is a Mogel K-wire guide, used in orthopaedic surgeries of the foot/metatarsals. After the brief period working in Stryker, assembling their medical kits for orthopaedic surgery, I have an interest in the instruments they use and working with bones requires a rather 'mechanical' or 'industrial' approach, however, on close inspection of the tools it is clear that their techniques involve precision and care like any other surgery.
My new found appreciation for this programme is something I continue to carry through into my other projects as I frequently use it to make clean icons and logos.
Photoshop was used to create the composition of the instrument in action.
InDesign was employed to put together the final infographic mock up.

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