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Scapula painting Attempt 2 ver 11 with articulating bones_edited.jpg

The Scapula: A Digital Painting

Project Type

Self directed project ¦ MSc Assignment


Adobe Photoshop


To produce a digital painting of the scapula on Adobe Photoshop and create a further piece to depict the articulation of this bone,

About the Project

This was an assignment from the first semester of the MSc Medical Art at University of Dundee.
The task was to create a painting of a human scapula from observation in Photoshop.
The biggest learning I took from this assignment was the importance of medium details. I had a tendency toward laying basic detail and then adding fine detail on top. Taking the time for the details in between in the end rendered an image I was satisfied with.
I also wanted to communicate how thin the subspinous portion of the scapula is. I wanted to darken the background but realised that with black/grey it was coming across more like shadows and therefore I opted for a duck-egg blue which I found both aesthetically pleasing and effective.

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