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Follow the links under the tiles below to see the kinds of infographics I've designed

trifold infographic ver 6_edited.jpg

A trifold leaflet outlining the effect the peri- and menopause can have on a persons oral health and tips for prevention and management of symptoms.

Mogel k wire guide extra_edited.png

A catalogue page outlining the features of this medical device used in foot surgeries.

Lunate dislocation infosheet_edited.jpg

An infographic aimed at medical professionals in training on how to identify whether a patient has dislocated one of the their carpal bones

Breast cancer side view FINAL metastasis extra opacity_edited.png

A conference poster outlining the nature and mechanism of breast cancer to brain metastasis.

Femur extra ver 11 merged_edited.jpg

A labelled tonal diagram of the human femur and it's attachment sites

Scapula painting Attempt 2 ver 11 with articulating bones_edited_edited.jpg

Simple poster design showing the articulation of the human scapula.

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